Filial confidence

At the beginning of my duties I would say to God with filial confidence, “My God, since Thou art with me and since by Thine order I must occupy my mind with these external things, I beg Thee to grant me the grace to remain with Thee and to keep Thee company; but that it may be the better done, my Lord, work with me, receive my labors and possess all my affections.” Then, during my work, I continued to speak to Him familiarly, to offer Him my little services and to ask His graces. At the end of the action, I used to examine how I had done it. If I found good in it, I thanked God. If I noticed faults, I asked His pardon for them and without being discouraged I purified my intention and began again to dwell with God as if I had not strayed from Him.

Practice of the Presence of God, “A Eulogy of Brother Lawrence”

Patty Griffin’s “Chief,” a song about the terminally routine pierced through by soaring grace.


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