The boring answer, and a little humility

On a recent Sound Opinions podcast (5.20.11), the band Low are asked how does their faith “play into your music.” Some interesting comments, including these from lead songwriter and vocalist Alan Sparhawk (also of Retribution Gospel Choir):

…the boring answer is: the same as anyone else. Spirituality or religion sort of defines for each individual… who they think they are, who everyone else is, why am I here, why do I get up in the morning…. To me those are… the core of why you make music as well. Again, the boring answer is, it just sort of is a natural thing, and I think everybody, when they create.. draw on their perception of who they are, what the world is, and what another person is.

… you can’t really play music without having a little bit of a humility for something that’s a little bigger and more beautiful than you….


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