Listening for the edges

Josh Kun’s Audiotopia set in motion my dissertation, and below he introduces a concept of music that I think the current and next generation of church musicians need to consider.

The Lord’s Supper turns a meal into a statement about the economics of the Kingdom of God. Baptism turns a bath into a statement about the social reality and family identity of the believer. Is what we sing together, and the way we sing it, taking us to a different kind of political future? Does our music help us rehearse for the hard work of getting to a space we’re anticipating on the horizon, where our present cultural assumptions and social structures are reoriented? Can it help us not only imagine who God-of-Heaven is, but hear the voices of our neighbors and the least of these, where we meet God-on-the-ground?

I think it can. I don’t know if it will unless we recognize and pursue possibilities beyond the present social structures and economy of pop when we imagine what it will mean for us to sing together.

Josh Kun, “Music As Social Action”: TEDxUSC talk on music/borders:


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