Come get me

I’m thinking today about a friend I lost, who died a couple of years ago, who struggled until he felt he couldn’t any more. I think he struggled towards God. I think God wins, even when we lose. I miss him every day.

I was blessed to hear one of our student leaders make an appeal to incoming First-year students that was one of the best I’ve ever heard. In essence, if you are alone, and you need me, and you are willing to come and ask for help, you are a blessing to me, not a burden. I am waiting for you to call. I am hoping you will reach out. I am here because you will need me, and I believe this is why God has called us here.

When we have a light, we have light to give. When we need light, the light of others is an invitation to us. A city on a hill is an invitation. A candle in the darkness says, “come get me.” When you are in pain, you may not feel it, but you also bear the possibility of God’s blessing us both when you reach out. A smoldering wick says “come get me.” When you are full of life, you have life to give. We are struggling together towards God; may we meet each other on that road.

Thanks to Ben Wall for sharing this link with me this week. I needed it: Brene Brown, “The Power of Vulnerability” (TEDX, 20 min)


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