Death and Victory in Paris: Interview

This weekend, several Pepperdine alumni and friends will perform a “social justice rock opera,” Death and Victory in Paris. Conceived by Nevin (Rob) James, the production began as a cause and built a community. The music tells the story, and the cast draws attention to the issue of modern human trafficking. Rob and his tour mates spent last summer performing in several East Coast venues where they also took time to connect to the communities off stage, finding ways to connect, serve, and get to know the people who would become the audience.

In the conversation below, members of the band/cast/collective took a break from rehearsing to talk about the experience, what drew them to the project, and how they were changed by it.

Interview_ Death and Victory in Paris

For more clips from Death and Victory in Paris, check out Nevin James’ Youtube site.

For more about fighting human trafficking, here and abroad, look into alumnus Mike Masten’s Project Exodus.

For tickets to the shows this weekend at Pepperdine with opener Sam Behymer, visit


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