To Motivate. (Try not to hate.)

(I know, INXS people.)

I’ve been considering the possibility that procrastination is not a self-irritating tendency that is part of my endearing absent-mindedness, but an unconscious passive-aggressive strategy of self-sabotage that is driving the people around me bonkers. I am going to try and use this insight in a positive, productive direction (I am totally not beating myself up). And, I will be brief.

Here are a few resonating voices in the last few days that I found, unironically, on Twitter:

@runmichael posted this lovely quote from Robert Frost, which I integrated into a motivational postcard from my mother reflecting on how determined the apostle Paul appears in this portrait to finish his epistle:

Today, the admirably on top of things @myersbaker referred to Jeff Goins’ post, “Your Clutter Is Killing Your Creativity (And What to Do About It).”

Great read. Goins references Jack White’s philosophy of inspiration as coming from restriction, which plays out well in this visual meditation on keeping it simple, from It Might Get Loud:

Dear me,

Today I do not need to “go guitar shopping.” I just need to do the thing I need to do. And then clean up. (insert blistering guitar solo.)


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