Pull up a chair

Some folks celebrated Andrei Rublev, the great Russian icon painter, this week. I have his painting of the Trinity in my office. I got to spend a little time with our student Spiritual Life Advisors on Wednesday, and shared with them how this painting impacts my view of ministry.

It depicts the three visitors who came to bring news to Sara and Abraham, as a symbol of God’s life in communion. They sit in a perfect state of hospitality, attentiveness, deference, affection; love around the shared table. That’s the relationship we’re invited to imitate, and ultimately become.

It may be too bold a consideration, but It’s almost like Rublev left a space for us to pull in a chair and join in the fellowship. It puts my role in perspective when I remember whose party this is, and that the main course is the gift of life itself. We bring what we have to offer, and learn a whole way of life by following the lead of our Host.

So, that’s my tip on “how to lead a small group.”

Who else should we invite?


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