49 More Days!

I remember how cool it was to graduate from egg hunter to egg hider. At that moment, you know so well how to do it. You’ve been learning where to look for years; eventually it got too easy. Now it’s your turn to put eggs in places they should have thought of before.

This ambition often results in Easter eggs that turn up months later; hopefully full of stale candy and not turned yolks. Long after the baskets are back in storage, we discover bright little reminders of Easter in wheel wells, rain gutters, or ground and scattered across mowed lawns. An hour or so on one day a year is just not enough time to find them all.

And so, from the people who brought you “Lent” and “Triduum:” Fifty Days of Easter!

Having spent forty days walking the road to the cross, it’s worth noting that there is also a deep tradition of observing much more than one day of Resurrection. Even ten more than we get Passion days!

I come from a long line of believers that every Sunday is the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection, and I am so grateful for that. I have found it a great blessing to also keep track of these seasons through the year, where Monday-Saturday are turned into special times of focus on different themes and practices of my faith.

The opportunity at this season is to be reminded that resurrection takes time to root in us. This central event is something we come back to every morning, ready to accept and follow the way that leads us from seed to blossom, the path that bore life through Jesus, the first-fruit from this tree.

In this spirit, I’m grateful for a set of people who will contribute to another series here, observing the responses to resurrection accounted in scripture, the moments of wonder, doubt, and restoration that lead all the way to the promises and commission of Ascension and Pentecost. Join us for these posts, beginning tomorrow.

May this bright Monday bring us frequent reminders that He is risen, indeed, and the willingness to live with confidence in the power of God to bring us life in the Spirit. May we live this hope towards our own transformation, and our participation in God’s transforming work around us.


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