The Holy Ghost in the Machine

I had the opportunity to contribute to Guy Chmieleski’s series on technology and social media in ministry, at Faith on Campus. Guy put together a great set of topics and resources on this. So far writers have given great practical and thoughtful suggestions on how texting, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and whatever is next fits into who we are and intend to be as Christ’s co-laborers. I was blessed to have the catalyst of writing this to focus some of my current reflection on social media. As is usually the case, I am convicted by what came from considering the matter:

Can I find evidence in social media of God’s work and presence? If I am truly extending myself into a network of relationships, in what way is the Holy Ghost in this machine? While I approach so many relationships with “how is the Spirit drawing me to be part of God’s will for their life,” why would I approach online interactions with “how can I frame this to maximize my influence?”

If you’re interested in the subject of faith and online life, Guy’s series, blog, and his recently produced Blogging 101 ebook are great points of departure.

Click here for the full post. Come talk about how to do it better, if you like.


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