An old heart like mine

I’m a tremendous Keith Green appreciator, but can’t hear “My Eyes are Dry” anymore without thinking [SONG SPOILING ALERT] of an elder’s wife who quoted it to point out its similarities with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: “My eyes are dry, my faith is old, and now my story is all told.”

Green was on fire, it seems, all the time. It’s an odd song for such a young man with that kind of reputation. It seemed so out of place from the voices of 13 year olds at camp. “What can be done, for an old heart like mine?” But, we meant it.

A friend just pointed me to The Oh Hello’s, a band from Texas with a 2011 EP I’m listening the tar out of. They’re young, but they’re doing some fantastic heartsoftening work on this album. They’re recognizing the only way out of the loneliness and trepidation is to climb over the walls we built. And it’s worth doing it now. Every time it rains, the place fills with fear and despair, and it never drains all the way.

Our networks and friendships and families have taught us that connections are risky and relationships are hard. But alone – the kind of alone you choose, where our hearts “will never beat, but never break,” is a killer.

There’s something about the sounds they make in telling me that story that make the climbing a little easier, and a little more worth it.

The music is working.

I was reading the other day where God’s people get manna in the desert, and it says they ate it for forty years, until they reached the border of Canaan. God gave them what they needed to sustain them in the wilderness. And then, God had so much for them, it was more than what they could gather in baskets for one day. They had to cross the Jordan and go live in it.

There may be hard work ahead, but there’s a reason it’s called the “promised land.”

hello my old heart
how have you been?
how is it, being locked away?
well don’t you worry
in there, you’re safe
and it’s true, you’ll never beat
but you’ll never break

nothing lasts forever
some things aren’t meant to be
but you’ll never find the answer
until you set your old heart free

until you set your old heart free


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