God himself will

“The more puzzled Isaac was to find something to sacrifice, the more completely did Abraham place all in the hands of Providence, and trust entirely in God.” – Caussade

I had to sit with that, let it soak overnight. The story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac is so terrifying and confusing as a narrative, and it’s hard for me to get over the “WHAT?!” and into the ways many people who seem to get God better than I do deal with this.

In this case, I think what de Caussade is getting at is the conversation in me, once it’s clear where God is leading, between an Abraham and an Isaac. The Abraham says, “Yes, God. You, not me.” The Isaac says, “where? why? how? what if? what about? [repeat].”

There is only one voice that gets me up the mountain to the place called “The Lord will provide.”


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