I recently read this story, which anticipates Jesus’ “Whoever is not against us is for us” admonition to his defensive disciples. It reminds me that, in this age of the Spirit for all God’s people, I am often quick to worry about who is doing what and where the credit will settle. Am I willing to be comfortable with God’s leadership, which looks less like the well-organized machines of human social structures meant to keep order, and more like a body with many essential interconnected parts, working together to give life? When I find myself questioning who is qualified to be useful to  God (whose Spirit is evidenced in bearing fruit for others), what am I protecting?

It’s no small thing that this is one of the essential messages about leadership that Moses confers upon Joshua, who later stands on the other side of fulfilled promises and says to God’s people, not “come with me if you want to live,” but “We didn’t do this; God did. You have to serve somebody; you choose. I will serve God.”

It’s a good thing there’s more than one of us, or I might forget whose work this is. May I be willing to let God do his work in and through us today. May I generously celebrate the way God chooses to get it done. May I desire the Spirit’s power for others, and be free from jealousy for others’ power.


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