Letter to First-Year Me: “Dear 1L Grant…” (Pepperdine Law, ’13)

I asked a few alumni (or nearly-alumni) to write a letter to themselves as an incoming first-year student. We’ll start with Grant, as our new Law students head into day two of Year One.

Dear 1L Grant-

Believe what people are telling you. Believe them when they say this will be harder than you think it will be. Believe them when they say that it will be confusing. Believe them when they say grades are more important than you want them to be, when they say that it’s okay to switch to canned briefs after a while, and when they say to generate your own outlines. And please believe them when they tell you that you will be fine. You will be.

Try to resist the temptation to believe that you will do law school differently from anyone else, better than those before.  Don’t assume people are lying to you– just do what the others have done, and you’ll be fine.

You’re going to want to quit at least once a week. You’ll feel pretty crummy sometimes. But God always takes care of the people who love him. Please believe that too.

Also: cut your hair.


Future Grant


2 responses to “Letter to First-Year Me: “Dear 1L Grant…” (Pepperdine Law, ’13)

  1. Sounds like some pretty wise advice, Cap’n – I mean Chaplin Dave. Wish I had had that when I began nursing school ~ 49 years ago…except for the law specifics, everything else would have applied, IF someone would have informed me. But I didn’t get much mercy from 3 unmarried, Catholic professors…it was like being in a convent, but not. We learned!! And I thank God for that.


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