An Opening Prayer, NSO 2012


“our help in ages past,

and hope in years to come,”

Whose purpose brought us  – by no accident  – to this place

where these students will be shaped to “survive the storms of life” –

for lives that matter,

prepared not only with competent minds,

but wisdom for the heart –


We arrive with hopes and anticipation,

on the crest of a wave You guided here,

to this place of faith and learning.


Show us why we are here,

and that You are here;

that we are here together;

present to one another,

in the faithful presence of our Maker and Redeemer.


In the midst of this beginning and ending

and turning point in our stories,

give us assurance

by those times in our past when

even though

we thought we were

all alone,

we were not;

and we can trust in this.


As we head towards a future in which you are our certainty,

may we dig deeply here;

may we choose wisely here;

may we walk humbly here;

may we know the glory of Your life in and among us here,

That we would take the journey set before us tonight

to find You with us along our way,

just as You were in the beginning,

are now,

and will be forever.


We pray in the promise of Jesus name,


Many thanks to Tabatha Jones Jolivet, Rick Marrs, and Andy Benton for the words that guided our thoughts and prayers as we launched the “Class of 2016 leg” of our journey together. 

And thanks to Hey Rosetta! – 


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